NV Sheriff Called Mass Shooter a Psychopath Without Evidence

In October 2017, following the most deadly mass shooting in modern history, the Las Vegas sheriff referred to the mass shooter as a psychopath during a press conference that aired on national television. No reporter at the press conference asked him if he was qualified to diagnose the individual. The sheriff is not qualified to diagnose mental illness having received degrees in civil engineering and crisis management. The shooter’s brother said that he did not have a history of mental illness. Research shows that the majority of mass shooters do not have a mental illness. For a person in a position of authority to use a term diagnosing a mental illness (particularly without being qualified to do so) in such a public manner contributes to the stigmatization of people with mental illnesses as dangerous and violent. The stereotype isn't true (in fact people with mental illness are far more likely to be victims of violence), and that kind of marginalization prevents people who need help from expressing that need.