Exploring the Kyriarchy: Political Violence, Threats, and Harassment

We could provide link after link after link demonstrating how hate speech, vandalism, and violence  have escalated from Trump’s campaign to his election and presidency and into the midterms election cycle. But now isn’t the moment to explore each type of harassment, threat, and violent act.

It’s time to condemn.

The idea that some people don’t matter - that their voices don't count, or shouldn’t count - is anathema to who we are supposed to be as a country. Our forefathers - as kyriarchical as they were - opposed tyranny and oppression, and created the foundation of a government designed to prevent it, address it, and fix it.

But it is our job, not only as citizens, but also as members of a broader community to abhor hatred. To show togetherness in the face of those who would separate us. To love our neighbors as we love ourselves. To welcome the tired, the poor, the huddled masses.

If we are to continue to expand this radical idea of freedom that our founders fought a war over -  to continue to perfect our union, to seek justice and peace, and to promote the general welfare of our fellow citizens - we must hear and take seriously the voice of the neo-nazi, white nationalist, and Christian supremacist to understand that his violence is real. And we must seek out the deeper understanding of how each of us is different, so we can create freedoms in each way that our citizens exist.